• 07.16.12

Ikea Furnishes A VIP Lounge Experience At Charles De Gaulle

Starting last Friday, Charles de Gaulle Airport began playing host to IKEA’s new VIP airport lounge. The twist is that this VIP lounge is open to everybody.

Earlier this year, Ikea created a cozy apartment in a Paris subway. Now, for the next three weeks at least, the company is bringing the same home-away-from-home sense of comfort to that city’s Charles De Gaulle airport.


Beginning last week, Ikea’s new VIP lounge set up shop in the airport’s Terminal 3, with nine rooms, including a living room, a bedroom, and a children’s play area. Unlike your average VIP lounge, however, all P’s are VI in here: Ikiea has opened its doors to all travelers for free. Created by Ikea France’s Event agency, ubi bene, the new lounge provides a cozy nook where weary travelers can de-stress on IKEA’s furniture during the pre-flight wait. After a hostess greets you at the door, you’re invited to test out an array of mattresses and sofas to find just the right level of comfort, providing a bittersweet contrast to the airplane seat you’re about to be stuck in for several hours.

The Ikea Lounge is open through August 5th. Have a look at some of its rooms in the slideshow above.

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