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Do You Lean Left Or Right? Exploring The Explosive Rivalry Between Twix Bars

In the latest campaign for Twix, the two candy bars in each package are said to be at odds with each other. Here’s how it all began.

Do You Lean Left Or Right? Exploring The Explosive Rivalry Between Twix Bars

Just because two things look exactly alike doesn’t mean there isn’t a world of difference between them. Take Twix bars, for instance. While each set seems identical to the untrained eye, a new campaign reveals that there’s a lot more going on with these bars beneath the chocolatey surface.

The new ad sets up a bitter rivalry between the left and right Twix bars, which fans have been unwittingly participating in by picking one side to eat first over the other. The kickoff ad, entitled “Ideologies,” establishes how it all began. Created by BBDO New York, the new spot tells the tale of brothers Seamus and Earl, who never got over accidentally breaking their company’s prototype Twix bar in two.

While the initial ad revels in the details of its old-timey milieu, with both inventor brothers donning long, flowing sleeping caps as they design their separate factories (one for each Twix bar) in the wee hours of the night, subsequent ads and digital components set to roll out soon will show how the rivaly continued over the years. Perhaps a modern day spot will finally put this long-standing feud to rest once and for all.

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