• 07.16.12

See Refrigerators Turned Into Public Art

A new series of art installations commissioned by ComEd repurposes old refrigerators to promote the recycling of old fridge parts.

It used to be that the most creative use for a fridge was as a way station for chore reminders and displays of macaroni art. A new project from ComEd, however, is taking these coolers in a much cooler direction.


The utility and power company, working with agency Leo Burnett, has commissioned local artists to create 10 interactive art installations out of recycled and repurposed refrigerators and their myriad parts. Some of the interesting ideas the artists arrive at with old fridges include a miniature metal jigsaw puzzle, a converted couch, and a giant interactive camera.

“MetamorFridges” is a follow-up to ComEd’s “Fine Art Fridges” exhibit from 2010, which similarly served as a promotion for the company’s Fridge and Freezer Recycle Rewards program. The exhibit kicks of today in Chicago, where it will remain open (much like the fridge door your parents begged you to keep closed) through August 19th. Look through some of the repurposed works in the slideshow above.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.