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See Axe Body Spray User Kiefer Sutherland’s Requiem For the One Who Got Away

A new ad for Axe finds a reflective Kiefer Sutherland pining for the high school sweetheart who never was, during a nighttime grooming session.

See Axe Body Spray User Kiefer Sutherland’s Requiem For the One Who Got Away
[youtube dmMhIpfh_NY]

What was Kiefer Sutherland like in high school? A new ad from dude-centric Axe Body Spray invites us to contemplate this tantalizing question, by revealing only that he was just like you in one poignant way–he never asked out the amazing, levitating girl who captured his heart back then.

Created by agency BBH New York, the new ad features the 24 star and noted good-time seeker caught in a reverie about Susan Glenn, the unattainable hottie who ruined him for other high school girls. As Kiefer gazes at his reflection in the bathroom mirror whilst conducting a nightly beautification ritual that presumably involves Axe, he wonders, as we all do from time to time, how different things would be if he could do it all over again. (Basically the same, but he would smell more like something called “Phoenix” this time, probably.)

It’s another interesting departure for Axe, which has been exploring its softer side recently. Sure, the message is still, “let no ass go un-tapped,” but at least the disproportionately hot lady in question here is given the dignity of a name.

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