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“Breaking Bad” Wants to Blow Half of Your Face Off

A new and VERY SPOILER-Y app for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” allows viewers to insert themselves into a scene from the show, and meet the same gruesome end as a certain character in last season’s explosive finale.

“Breaking Bad” Wants to Blow Half of Your Face Off

The rise of reality TV proved that plenty of viewers just want to see themselves onscreen, so to speak. As games and apps for movies and shows rapidly developed over the past few years, and trended toward interactivity, it’s clear that some of these viewers want to literally see themselves onscreen, even if it’s just the screen of their computers. Yesterday, we learned about a way for fans to interact with characters from the Ice Age movies; today another similar app emerged. Since the new one is for Breaking Bad, however, there is a notable increase in blood and bodily tissue.

AMC’s “Go Fring Yourself” app is a new promotion for the forthcoming season premiere of its violent meth-focused hit series, Breaking Bad. The cheekily titled app allows viewers to slip into the half-vaporized skin of series villain Gus Fring, who met a memorably gory end in last season’s finale. Each user simply uploads a picture onto the app, in order to then watch Fring get blown up with their own face now grafted onto his, Cage/Travolta-style. Whatever you do, though, don’t forward the resulting footage on to your mother.

The fifth season premiere airs this Sunday on AMC at 10 p.m. Look for more on Breaking Bad tomorrow on this here channel.

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