• 01.07.13

A Bike-Ready Picnic Basket To Brighten Your Spring

Springtime is an adorable cube-shaped picnic basket that easily attaches to your bike and then unfolds to create a perfect little dining atmosphere wherever you end up pedaling.

There’s nothing more romantic than the image of a baguette precariously dangling from a bicycle basket, as a cyclist bumps over country roads en route to a remote picnic destination. But since man can’t picnic on bread alone (other food and a place to sit would be nice, right?), an updated basket called Springtime from Dutch design studio Bloon might get the job done a bit better, without sacrificing any of the charm.


The object consolidates everything one would need for an afternoon picnic into an easy to carry package that fits onto the back of a bicycle. At its most basic, Springtime is a rather cubic looking picnic basket, perfect for carrying to the park. But for those who prefer to arrive at a picnic by bike, the basket’s sides open up to convert into elegant bike panniers capable of carrying a bounty of picnic supplies.

Springtime divulges its third and final trick once bikers reach their destination: The panniers unfold once more as cushioned stools for picnickers to sit on. The lid to the picnic basket extends outward as a tabletop. Dining in nature never looked so put-together.

According to Bloon’s site, Springtime will be available for purchase starting in May. You can email the creator Jeriël Bobbe if you’re interested in getting on the pre-order list.

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