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Dodge Offers Step-By-Step Instructions On How to Make A New Car

In launching the new Dodge Dart, the company created an ad disguised as an instructional video, revealing all the struggle (and coffee) that went into the redesign.

Dodge Offers Step-By-Step Instructions On How to Make A New Car
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The Dodge Dart may have faded away from production lines in 1976, but a 2013 model is on the way, hot on the heels of a new ad, which illuminates the inherent difficulties of inventing a version 2.0 from scratch.

“How to Change Cars Forever,” created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, takes the form of a self-aware instructional video about achieving the titular feat, specifically as it relates to Dodge’s clean slate approach to the new Dart. The fast-paced clip starts with the image of a man searching for an idea, and uses dramatic reenactments and stock footage to illustrate how that idea was molded, tested, improved upon and made into reality. (Hint: it involved lots of coffee and ejections of committees.)

In addition to the new spot, Dodge has partnered with Viacom to launch the Dodge Dart Challenge “Live in It to Win It” in San Diego. Part of Comic-Con International, the challenge will feature four superhero-costumed contestants competing in various nontraditional car-based challenges over a period of four days for a chance to win the car. Scenes from the challenge will air on Comedy Central, MTV, and other Viacom channels.

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