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Facebook Ads Expected to Top $1.2 Billion This Year

Facebook might just have a billion-dollar ad year ahead of them.

eMarketer released its predictive research focusing on social network advertising spending, and came up with some very impressive numbers for Facebook as well as some very unimpressive numbers for MySpace.

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Brand advertisers are making Facebook a core buy. Ad spending is building quickly and the mass audience is one that marketers cannot ignore any longer.

Predictions for 2011 are a bit premature, but eMarketer thinks the curve will get even steeper, with a worldwide take of $1.76 billion. MySpace, in comparison, is down 14% to an estimated $297 million in ad revenue–far less than Facebook’s take, not that that should surprise anyone. This is a major success for Facebook, showing the world that social media can attract a world-class quality and quantity of advertising despite earlier jitters.

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