• 07.05.12

Doom Fogger Welcomes You to Scenic Roachville–Population: Eww

An outdoor campaign for Doom insecticide is just as creative as it is gross.

You have no clue what’s going on inside your walls, do you? Well, apparently you’re not missing much–it’s every regular thing you do on a daily basis but just, you know, with roaches.


In a series of clever outdoor installations created by agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg for South African insecticide brand Doom, roaches dine and lounge in scaled down dioramas set up in the nooks and crannies of existing walls. It’s life as usual for the little critters but a message of death remains unseen with Doom Fogger promising it “Gets to where they live.” And as a flair of authenticity to such a domestically surreal campaign, real roaches were used–dead, real roaches, of course.

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