Air France Music Puts Sébastien Tellier and Chairlift “Side By Side”

While some fear for the potential popping of their ears on airplanes, the major audio concern most other frequent flyers have has more to do with selecting music. Listening to in-flight tunes serves the dual purpose of adding ambience and blocking out unwanted disturbances, and it’s something that Air France has fully embraced.

In 2010, the airline launched Air France Music, an onboard music service allowing passengers to create custom playlists in the sky with new and unreleased songs from a variety of artists. Now, Air France Music is promoting its service with the Facebook app Side by Side, whose centerpiece is an interactive music experience and a prize draw for a trip to New York to see French electro artist Sébastien Tellier live.

Created by BETC Music,, the music arm of Paris-based agency BETC Worldwide, Side by Side features a pair of simultaneously occurring music videos that, as the title suggests, are played right next to each other. In one screen is Tellier, who composed the tune that plays throughout, and in the other is Caroline Polachek from Brooklyn synth-pop duo Chairlift. The two video-halves, directed by Cosa Digital’s Guillaume Cagniard, react to each other–Tellier will blow a single rose petal in the direction of Polachek on one screen; then on her side of the screen, a small storm of rose petals billows all around her. At any time, though, viewers can move a cursor beneath the screens to the left or the right, to make either side the primary visual.

Watch the two artists talk about the video below.