• 06.29.12

Concert Seating-Inspired Eye Exam Ads Remind You: Sight Rocks

A new series of print ads for Devlyn Optical depicts concert seating charts as eyeballs to show some of the things you should be seeing.

Listening to music through headphones is purely an auditory experience. Going to a concert, however, involves some of your other senses, mainly sight. As such, the latest print campaign from Devlyn Optical uses live music as a jump-off to point out all the things you might be missing out on when you don’t get your eyes checked out.


The new series of ads, created by agency BBDO Mexico, depict concert seating charts as eyeball diagrams. It takes surprisingly less tweaking than you might think to render them this way. (How have we concert-goers not made this connection before?) Each ad’s caption mentions a visual, such as a shooting star or a balloon floating in the sky, the kind of everyday miracles that should make us grateful for the gift of sight. This is followed by the tagline, “The spectacle of life. Don’t miss it.” Next time you’ve got orchestra seats at Madison Square Garden, though, try not to feel as though you’re occupying part of somebody’s retina.

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Gaze upon all the ads in the series in the slideshow above.

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