• 06.29.12

Ford Taps Seacrest For Social Launch Campaign for 2013 Fusion

“Random Acts of Fusion,” developed by agency Team Detroit and 42 Entertainment, recruits Ryan Seacrest as your host to the Fusion’s pre-launch that promises to live up to Ford’s standards of delivering stellar social media campaigns.

Ford Taps Seacrest For Social Launch Campaign for 2013 Fusion

It’s been clear for some time that Ford’s social media and content efforts are never an afterthought to something bigger–they are the something bigger. From 2009’s Fiesta Movement to last year’s Escape Routes, the automotive brand has put some muscle behind its digital and entertainment-driven campaigns–and now the company is launching a star-studded (and highly secretive) transmedia endeavor for the pre-launch of the 2013 Ford Fusion.


A collaborative program created by agency Team Detroit and content production company 42 Entertainment, known for its alternate reality games, “Random Acts of Fusion” will play out through a story arc across social media, broadcast, and radio with omnipresent media personality Ryan Seacrest guiding consumers through the experience as they unlock each new phase. Starting on Facebook, the campaign’s introduction video has to reach 1,000 likes to unlock the next pieces of content, ultimately leading to a broad reveal that will allow consumers to experience the new Fusion before it hits showrooms in the fall with a dedicated site, interactive elements, and celebrity appearances.

“We wanted to take what we’ve learned over the last few pre-launches, which is the importance of social and how critical it is to the success of our cars, but also pump it up a bit,” says Crystal Worthem, manager of brand content and alliances for Ford. “We’ve had great success allowing the consumer to tell our story, so we didn’t want to lose that–but we also wanted to make this one a little extra special.”

Exactly what makes “Random Acts of Fusion” extra special? Well, the details of the campaign remain under tight wraps. The most Worthem was at liberty to divulge was that the story arc will be “really engaging and funny” and “unexpected from Ford” and that the celebrities making a cameo will be those who have strong multimedia platforms.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Worthem did stress, however, that like Ford’s previous pre-launch campaigns for various cars, “Random Acts of Fusion” won’t be an “insert-car-here kind of program,” but will give consumers a completely germane experience that ties into the Fusion’s unique features, including being offered as gas, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions.

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