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The Kids Are All Right In Microsoft’s “Visionaries” Spot

When it comes to predicting the future, sometimes children can be just as insightful as grown ups and a lot less jaded. In its latest ad, Microsoft shows how it might make some of those kids’ flights of fancy become reality.

The Kids Are All Right In Microsoft’s “Visionaries” Spot

Children see the world with a purity of vision, mostly because they’ve yet to learn its limitations. If you ask a child what the future might hold, you will get a response that isn’t hindered by previous dreams deferred or flat-out crushed; which is why it’s interesting to see what happens when Microsoft does ask them that question.

Created by San Francisco-based agency twofifteenmccann for Microsoft Advertising’s efforts at the recent Cannes International Advertising Festival, the “Visionaries” spot lets the William Gibsons and Rem Koolhauses of the world take the afternoon off in favor of some adorable youngsters. The ad juxtaposes each youngster’s unfiltered idea with a reasoned scientific proposal. When one child muses on the kind of near-sentient vehicle that responds to the driver’s every command, a superimposed drawing informs us that enhanced RFID tagging will make it so. When a little girl fancies “a mirror that would make it look like you’re wearing what you wanted to wear,” we see how Microsoft is right on top of Virtual Dressing Rooms too.

Take it from the kids: the future is much more fun when you forget about all those pesky limitations you’ve bumped up against in the past.

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