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Louis Vuitton Teaches You How To Pack

The luxury retailer’s new interactive site The Art of Packing teaches you the fundamentals of how to pack a proper suitcase.

Louis Vuitton Teaches You How To Pack

Duffel bags haphazardly stuffed with crumpled shapes that barely resemble clothes. Suitcases so over max capacity that the once trusty “sit and zip” method fails miserably under your butt–this is no way to pack. For the more conscientious traveler, Louis Vuitton presents The Art of Packing: an interactive site that patiently walks you through the proper way to fold, stack, and pack your items for minimal wrinkles and maximum space efficiency.

With their Alzer trunk, Pégase suitcase, and Keepall bag serving as the various vêtement vessel sizes you might be working with (because heaven knows actually buying one of these monogrammed bad boys isn’t so much a dent in the wallet as it is a gaping hole), the tutorial prompts you to load the luggage in a specific order, providing helpful tips along the way that give logical reason to what some hasty jet-setters might call persnickety packing. If you’re at a loss as to how to get your clothes looking retail-store folded, a few swipes of your mouse will take you step by step.

Just imagine how organized you’ll look now when TSA scrutiny starts rifling through your business.

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