School’s In: Catch Up On Co.Create’s Master Classes

For the past few months, Co.Create has been asking a lot of probing–verging on invasive–questions of some of the most original and prolific creators across the cultural landscape.

We took their excellent answers and shaped them into our Master Class series. This ongoing feature series presents insights into the creative process of accomplished people from fields ranging from photography to advertising to comedy. Each Master Class examines, simply, how the best creatives across various disciplines do what they do.

Our subjects have ranged from Gerry Graf, one of the ad industry’s premier creatives, taking us through how to make a great commercial and Conan writer Andres du Bouchet on writing comedy to leading photographer Nadav Kander on capturing an unforgettable portrait.

Expect to see many more Master Classes from an ever expanding array of creators in the coming weeks.

For now, we present all of our Master Classes to date in one handy package. Click through the slide show above for a recap of past installments and follow the links to start learnin.’