• 06.19.12

Google’s reboot of Coke Hilltop wins Mobile Grand Prix

Gaming, augmented reality, and even The Muppets were a factor in many of the Gold-winning work in this inaugural year for the Mobile Lions.

Google’s reboot of Coke Hilltop wins Mobile Grand Prix

When a flock of soda-loving peaceniks assembled on a hilltop and sang, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” in the soda maker’s seminal ad, their mission was more ideological than practical. Aside from buying the person you were with a fizzy beverage, there were scant few ways of actually buying those beyond your reach a Coke in 1971.


Not so in 2012. The interconnectedness of social media, the immediacy of mobile technology, and a few custom-designed vending machines allowed people to buy a Coke and send a message to people around the world. Part of Google’s Re: Brief project, in which Google partnered with the creators of four iconic ads to reboot their work for the modern age, Google’s “Hilltop Re-Imagined for Coca-Cola” nabbed the first-ever Mobile Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions.

If tapping into the global infrastructure of communication elevated Coke to Grand Prix, gaming, augmented reality, and even Muppets were a factor in many of the Gold-winning mobile works, much of which is interestingly created for kids’ use, as seen here in some of the other Gold Mobile Lion winners.

Toyota’s Backseat Driver from Japanese agency Party solves the age-old problem of backseat boredom by giving kids a chance to drive a virtual car that’s linked to the car’s actual driving route, integrating real landmarks from the route.

Further playing to kids’ love of their parents devices, Band-Aid Magic Vision’s use of AR and the Muppets to soothe bruised knees gained this app from JWT a Gold. When kids get an ouchie, they first apply the bandage and then commandeer Mom and Dad’s iPad. Scanning Kermit, Miss Piggie, and Gonzo bring them to life in fun, interactive vignettes.

Far more serious than a small boo-boo, Cundari’s Pain Squad app brings gaming to the important and difficult task of getting children suffering from leukemia to complete daily pain journals. Often impossible for kids enduring chemo, this app makes filing pain reports a crime-based game, integrating the cast of Canadian cop show Rookie Blue to motivate the children.

On a more whimsical yet still useful note, TBWA\RAAD Dubai’s VIP Fridge Magnet for Red Tomato Pizza earned Gold for its fridge magnet that allows users to order pizza with the push of a button.


Meanwhile, from Russia, an app that aims to expose those who flagrantly park illegally also garnered a Gold. The Parking Douche app from newspaper The Village allows people to take photos of ill-parked cars and share on social media. Based on your specific locations, parking douches in your area are exposed, and hopefully shamed into parking like a non-douche.

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