Security Camera Footage In Coca-Cola Ad Catches People Being Awesome

In a feel-good ad for Coca-Cola that might actually make you feel good, security camera footage from around the world is used to demonstrate the random acts of kindness that go under-celebrated all the time.

Security cameras get a bad rap, especially in the age of Google Earth, when satellite-powered privacy invasion is a legitimate concern. Sometimes, however, the omnipresence of surveillance in our lives unwittingly captures what makes them worth living.


In a new ad from Coke Latin America and production company Landia, security camera footage from around the world is used to show off some creatively titled anti-crimes that tend to go under-reported. These acts range from “Honest Pickpocketing” (returning a wallet someone dropped) to “Potato Cheap Dealing” (giving a bag of chips to the homeless guy outside of a convenience store.)

As the Supertramp song “Give a Little Bit” underlines the point, the ad goes on to show what it refers to as “Crazy Heroes,” people who spontaneously commit to doing good deeds, despite the odds being against them. These are the folks who foil a gunman holding up a store, or help push a stuck car over some train tracks moments before the train comes. Heroics like these would still have taken place whether or not there were cameras recording them (and it’s not entirely clear yet if real security cameras actually captured these particular acts or if they were recreated*) but at least now we can all appreciate them.

*In an update to this aspect of the story, Guido Rosales, Latin America Integrated Marketing Communication Director for Coca-Cola says: “In many of the vignettes, we were able to buy the usage rights for the original footage–so yes, much of the footage is real. The others are recreations of real scenes. All demonstrate the reality of good people acting in the world.”

He adds: “Coca-Cola inspires people to make something extraordinary happen. The ‘Security Cameras’ spot is a continuation of our ongoing mission to spread happiness and optimism, giving a brand point of view about the world’s actual situation. This spot builds upon previous campaigns of ours that portray how good people outnumber bad people, delivering the message that we have reasons to believe in a better world. Because good people outnumber bad people. It’s the natural bridge for what’s yet to come from Coca-Cola Latin America, so stay tuned.”

[Editor’s note] After this ad initially came online, there was some dispute over copyright matters for the song used in it. As a result, the ad can now only play with the song muted, so no, your speakers are not broken.