• 05.31.12

GIFs On The Street: Behold INSA’S Trippy GIF-ITTI

Your day is about to get that much less productive once you gaze upon artist INSA’s GIF-ITTI–seriously, just try to look away.

When GIFs aren’t used as meme-y zingers or fuel for the Internet’s insatiable lust for cats, they can be elevated to artistic heights where their inherent simplicity of repetition adds new levels of complexity to static visuals, yielding hypnotically stunning results. Witness U.K.-based artist and designer INSA‘s “GIF-ITTI.”


In a labor intensive process, INSA took to brick walls and building facades, painting and repainting layers of imagery, photographing each stage of creation and collecting the frames to create GIFs. The work combines graffiti, the principles of stop motion (the pieces call to mind artist BLU’s stop motion short “MUTO”) and GIFs to create something that, as the artist notes on his site, is only fully realized when viewed online.

Fellow artist UNGA even got in on the GIF-ITTI fun for a collaborative image with INSA that reinvents some of their popular creations (UNGA’s portly mustachioed blue gentleman and INSA’s striped stockings slinking out of impossible stilettos) for one mesmerizing mashup.

See more in the slide show above.

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