• 05.24.12

Getty Ad Zips Through 873 Images In A One-Minute Life Story

The result of six months spent combing through photos and fine-tuning the script, Getty’s new ad tells one life story using photos of hundreds of people.

[youtube E7xc7J8bdsU]

Image database Getty has over 38 million photos in its archives. Apparently it only takes 873 of those to reveal someone’s entire life story in a memorable way.


In a new ad for Getty, created by Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO, images fly by at a rate of 15 per second, ultimately cohering into an actual narrative, told without the use of any text. As a ticker in the corner of the screen counts off the number of photos used, we see a couple falling in love, having a family, and growing old together. The people in the pictures may change in each frame, but their angles and positions blend together, ensuring a constant thread throughout.

Director Cisma of Brazilian production house Paranoid BR worked alongside Marcos Kotlhar, the art director at AlmapBBDO to film the ad, entitled “From Love to Bingo in 873 Images.” The team at AlmapBBDO spent six months painstakingly researching photos and fine-tuning the script. The result is a dizzying display of the breadth of Getty’s content, which brings to mind the ArtCircles ad from a couple of months ago, only populated with real people instead of paintings.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.