• 05.23.12

The Red Cross Introduces Rapid Rescue: An App That Locates Immediate Help

With JWT Singapore’s new iOS app for the Singapore Red Cross Society, answering the eternal question, “Is there a doctor in the house?” could be a few taps away.

There are times in an emergency when even the quickest response from an ambulance isn’t quick enough–and JWT Singapore’s new app for the Singapore Red Cross Society aims to address such an issue. Using location-based software, Rapid Rescue enables those in a medical emergency to send out an alert within a two-kilometer radius to first-aid-trained volunteers registered for the service. After the volunteer accepts the alert, the app maps the shortest route to the victim in need. Rapid Rescue also allows the user to call an ambulance and displays the nearest hospitals in the event that there are no volunteers in range.

Rapid Rescue App

JWT Singapore is currently in the works to create an Android version of Rapid Rescue, as well as extending the app’s services to other Red Cross units across Asia and internationally to any division that would find it useful. And when precious seconds in an emergency can mean life or death, it’s fair to say Rapid Rescue is pretty useful indeed.

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