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Reggie Watts, Terence Stamp, Dancing Monks Star in Hot Chip’s New Video

In the latest clip from their forthcoming album, Hot Chip conjures two egg-worshipping sects who settle their differences with an interstellar dance-off.

Reggie Watts, Terence Stamp, Dancing Monks Star in Hot Chip’s New Video
[youtube fxg2JbWA7Nk]

Music videos don’t have to make a whole lot of sense in order to be visually arresting. Just ask the boys of Hot Chip, whose latest plays out like a space-obsessed cult leader’s fever dream.

British comedian, actor and director Peter Serafinowicz directed the clip, presenting its many outrageous elements as matter-of-factly as possible. Two halves of a spherical spaceship that looks like a black-and-white cookie break apart and fly off in different directions to kick the video off. Rooting for the half piloted by Reggie Watts are a group of monks dancing in tune to Hot Chip’s bouncy space-disco number, inside of a library (a hot place to set music videos lately.) Meanwhile, a group of women in drab gray dresses dances to support the other half-spaceship, piloted by model Lara Stone. Oh yeah, and both groups worship a giant faberge egg in a tiara, as a sinister Terence Stamp watches over all.

Watch below for the previous Hot Chip video directed by Peter Serafinowicz, “I Feel Better.”

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