• 05.18.12

Italian Retailer Piazza Italia Chooses a Different Kind of “Model”

Created by agency Diaframma Italy, Piazza Italia’s new print campaign highlights everyday people who do extraordinary things–oh, and fashion too.

It’s a simple play on words that has impact, nonetheless: role models posing as fashion models. Italian retailer Piazza Italia’s new series of print ads created by agency Diaframma Italy has authors, athletes, journalists, directors, and dancers rocking the brand’s latest fashions with a brief blurb describing what makes them heroes in their own right, all accompanied with bold block text stating “These Are Our Models.”


Sure, there are plenty of chic do-goody celebrities that have been know to charm a camera or two, but celebrating these everyday role models who might be recognizable in some esoteric circles but whose deeds and charitable actions fly well below the lofty public stage, breeds a sense of relatable association between them and the average consumer. Coincidentally, some of these average Joes and Janes actually look like fashion models–so that worked out nicely.

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