3-D Gets Emotional: Pedigree Campaign Shows the Consequence of Your Choices

3-D Gets Emotional: Pedigree Campaign Shows the Consequence of Your Choices

The freedom of choice bears the heavy weight of accountability–a divergent path leading to separate outcomes unknown based on original decisions. But if you could experience the alternative, would it sway your convictions toward a new outlook? A thought-provoking query Pedigree would like to propose.

Created by agency Colenso BBDO, the Pedigree Adoption Drive’s latest campaign merges an innovative spin on the optical science behind 3-D technology with effective storytelling to raise funds and awareness for abandoned dogs. Moviegoers at select theaters in Auckland, New Zealand were asked to choose either free red glasses or yellow glasses for a small donation. Depending on the choice, two starkly different three-minute films will play simultaneously on the same screen during previews.

With the yellow glasses, viewers are introduced to Buzz, an abandoned and sickly dog who’s eventually rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted by a loving family. With the red glasses, viewers still meet Buzz but things don’t pan out quite so nicely. The two stories, directed by Nic Finlayson, share the same voiceover, which only makes watching Buzz through red that much more heartbreaking.

Production company Finch supplied the necessary technology that’s essentially a 3-D experience minus one dimension times two. In traditional 3-D films, polarization is used to display a single stereoscopic image–with what Finch is referring to as the 37 Degree Process, polarization displays two discrete 2-D images concurrently that can only be seen either/or through two left polarized lenses or two right polarized lenses.

From last year’s Doggelganger campaign utilizing face recognition technology to this year’s pioneering method of the split narrative, novel applications of existing technologies has allowed the Pedigree Adoption Drive to reach consumers with their message on familiar turf but with a fresh angle.

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