Feist Keeps It Small With An Intimate Performance… And Street Dancers

Although she’s had a big impact on music charts in the past, Leslie Feist knows how to wield the power of small. In a world full of non-stop short attention span theater, it’s a strategy that allows her to stand out.

The singer/songwriter has been known to perform at secret shows in the past, and in the video above she’s at it again. Backed by simpatico female harmonists Mountain Man, Feist strums an acoustic guitar along with her mighty wisp of a voice on a street corner in San Francisco.

The impromptu performance of “Cicadas and Gulls” from her latest album is only improved by the addition of street dancers Looney and No Noize from the dance crew Turf Feinz, who seem to float on their toes. Although they can’t quite conform to the languid tune of the song, their slow-motion movements register as a visual reaction to it.

Rather than aim for maximum visibility and overblown video efforts, Feist appears to understand the draw of intimate musical experiences more than most artists. Such performances may not reach as many people, but they reach people in a deeper way.JB