• 05.16.12

Adoption Campaign Taps Iconic Animals As Pitchpets

In a series of print ads created by agency Leo Burnett Hong Kong for animal center HKAAC, some of entertainment’s most beloved cartoon pets are used in a bid to turn people on to the idea of adopting.

Iconic characters of popular culture have a long history of advertising tie-ins. Notable pairings have included the controversial (The Flintstones and Winston cigarettes), the catchphrase-spawning (The Simpsons and Butterfinger), and the downright bizarre (Alf and Telecom USA)–and you can now file The Hong Kong Animal Adoption Center and Snoopy into those annals under “adorably appropriate.”


Created by agency Leo Burnett Hong Kong, the series of print ads feature Snowy (or Milou for you Francophiles) from The Adventures of Tintin, Garfield the cat, and Snoopy from Peanuts, all with the tagline “Adopt a pet. The Stories will follow.” What’s interesting about how these celebrated pets are depicted is that they aren’t the animated versions of themselves, per se, but subtly Photoshopped or hyperrealistic renderings that fuzz out distinctions of reality, engendering that sense of wonderment and adventure that could be yours in the real world. See the rest of the ads above.

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