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Annoy Your Friends And Make Art With The Video-Photo Fake-Out

From the director and co-creator of “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” comes “Smile,” an ode to a classic camera prank that yields wonderfully awkward results.

Annoy Your Friends And Make Art With The Video-Photo Fake-Out

There you are giving nothing but face in a Kodak moment: head cocked ever so slightly to your good side with a smirk or full-on Colgate smile at the ready as you wait for the flash that never comes. That’s right–you’ve fallen victim to the brilliantly simple “I’m-taking-a-picture-PSYCH-it’s-actually-video” prank. But now, thanks to Dean Fleischer-Camp, you don’t have to feel so alone. Fleischer-Camp, director, editor, and half of the duo behind the achingly adorable Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, strings together a series of awkwardly faltering grins and poses in his latest project, Smile.

Innocent subjects, including his Marcel collaborator and SNL alum Jenny Slate, enter into an unintended staring match with Fleischer-Camp as he captures not the cutesy photo-op that was hoped for, but the uncomfortableness of realizing that what might’ve been sexy or hilarious as a passing snapshot becomes less-than-so as video.

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