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Thinkbox Welcomes Back Harvey, The World’s Most Marketing-Savvy Dog

A stuffed rabbit gets by with a little help from his friend–and a well-placed TV ad–in agency Red Brick Road’s sequel to its 2010 spot for Thinkbox featuring a familiar scruffy face.

Thinkbox Welcomes Back Harvey, The World’s Most Marketing-Savvy Dog

Riddle this: If a dog is man’s best friend, does that mean a dog is best friends with man? As it turns out, not really–sorry, man. As a follow-up to its award-winning 2010 spot, U.K. TV marketing organization Thinkbox reintroduces Harvey, the Jack Russell of all trades who used the power of TV advertising to charm his way out of an adoption center and into a loving home.

This time, however, Harvey calls upon the effectiveness of emotive storytelling to save not himself, but his stuffed buddy Rabbit from way back in the day (if ever you were curious as to what Harvey had packed in his tan suitcase at the end of 2010’s spot, you now have your answer).

Created by agency Red Brick Road, “Harvey and Rabbit” continues Thinkbox’s meta message of championing TV advertising through TV advertisements all centered around Harvey, who has quickly become a marketing mascot darling in the U.K.–and for those stateside not in the know, you’ll easily see why below.

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