Amstel Light Urges You To Take A Second Look At Darts, Burgers

As often as we’re urged in life to stop and smell the roses, rarely does anyone ever entreat us to stop and appreciate the dart. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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In its latest campaign, Amstel Light is celebrating the complexity of seemingly simple things such as burgers, darts, and light beer imported from Amsterdam. Created by agency Droga5 New York, the campaign, entitled “Savor Complexity,” details all the subtle nuances that go into life’s deceptively simple-seeming pleasures. Each ad singles out one such item and gives an encyclopedic breakdown of why there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Some of the ads seem destined for dorm-room display, like the flowchart enumerating the galaxy of genres contained within the term “rock music.” The dart one, on the other hand, opts for a trivia angle (did you know that darts were originally made from cut-down arrows?). Meanwhile, by describing with mouth-watering detail all the various permutations of ingredients involved, the burger ad will probably just make you hungry.

Have a look at all the ads in the slideshow above.