• 05.15.12

Who Made That? Credictive Provides Instant Creative Credit Everywhere Online

Credictive seeks to make the entire Internet your portfolio.

Giving credit where credit is due isn’t necessarily the Internet’s forte, but a new social bookmarking site called Credictive is out to change that by giving creative types–we’re talking everyone from directors, musicians, and web designers to dancers–the means to ensure that they are acknowledged for their creative contributions to online content.


“Creators should be entrepreneurs by default,” reasons Credictive cofounder and CEO Ela Madej, an entrepreneur also behind the startups Applicake and Future Simple. “When something they worked on gets successful, and it’s their skill and effort that made it happen, they should benefit from that success at the very least by getting better leads and projects. We believe that the Internet is moving towards an era of extreme transparency, and we want to facilitate and support that transition.”

Credictive is in invite-only beta for the next two or three months, although that time frame could shrink, according to Madej. Creators who want to showcase their work register for a free account and install a Cred button–similar to a Pinterest bookmarklet–on their browser. As users add projects from across the web, they build virtual portfolios on Credictive that present their creative work and highlight their skills in a more visual way than sites like IMDB and LinkedIn. “Moreover–and that’s where it can really make a difference–people who take credit for their work are becoming discoverable from where their content is,” Madej says. She notes that recruiters and other talent seekers who have added a Cred button to their bookmarks–there is no need for them to sign up for an account–are only a click away from getting information when they are looking at content that has been registered with Credictive.

“That instant discoverability means we’re reversing how creative portfolios work,” Madej explains. “You no longer have to know who you’re looking for and then learn about their work. Quite the opposite. You see something you like, see who did it then access their full portfolio. Thus our tagline: Make the entire web your portfolio.”

But how does Credictive verify people are claiming work that is truly theirs? “We’re building a community-based and community-enforced reputation system with various checks and balances. The accuracy of credits taken will have to be enforced by the community of creators as a whole, and we will be very strict with users who abuse the system or try to trick it,” Madej says, acknowledging, “This will be challenging, but if Wikipedia was possible, Credictive is possible.”

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