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See Live-Action Recreations Of Video Game Kills

In “Art of the Instakill,” CGI house Corridor Digital depicts ultraviolent finishing moves from familiar video games with flesh-and-blood actors.

See Live-Action Recreations Of Video Game Kills
[youtube QwNVQvygCNQ]

While the debate rages on about whether kids might become desensitized by video game violence, one thing is for sure: The rapid advancement of graphics has made that violence less cartoony and more movie-like than ever. It doesn’t get more photorealistic than “Art of the Instakill,” though.

The latest video from L.A.-based CGI house Corridor Digital takes some familiar characters from the gamer universe and recreates them with live actors and digital effects. At the start of the video, we see a pair of hands selecting an avatar from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to go out on a mission. This character is soon dispatched with extreme prejudice (and throwing knives). Characters from more recent fare like Mass Effect and Halo come into contact with classics like 007 from GoldenEye, and the last man standing–who is someone you’ll remember even if you haven’t played video games since the ’80s. “Finish him,” indeed.

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