“Depressed Copywriter” Gives Ads A Splash Of Dirty, Miserable Reality

We’ve already taken a GIF-filtered look the ups and downs of life inside advertising. Now, we zero in on one of advertising’s central figures–the copywriter–and we find mainly downs.

Each Depressed Copywriter entry shows an ad or the headline of an article that has been crudely altered with a torn-off bit of notepaper bearing an extra caption. An ad geared toward women that reads, “Look Better Naked!” is augmented with this caption beneath it: “Because he thinks about someone else every time.” Most of the entries don’t reflect depression so much as resigned honesty, or, at worst Tourette’s syndrome.

The kicker is that the people behind the Tumblr are copywriters just about to embark on their careers in advertising. Depressed Copywriter is the work of Whitney Ruef, Chris Sheldon, Mariana Oliveira, and Tedd Wood, who are all graduating from a two-year masters program (specialty: copywriting) at ad school VCU Brandcenter right now!

Wood and Sheldon are heading to new agency jobs soon and Ruef and Oliveira are still searching for that perfect agency home.

We’re certain that working in advertising will make them all much happier people.JB