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In Case of Emergency, Eat This Land Rover Survival Guide

New Land Rovers will be outfitted with survival guidebooks to help users stay alive in any exotic region the vehicle takes them. In a pinch, the guides themselves may even be eaten.

In Case of Emergency, Eat This Land Rover Survival Guide

It has already been established that Land Rover owners tend to find themselves in exotic, perhaps even dangerous locales more often than those of us with less sporty vehicles. So much so, in fact, that the brand is now concerned with getting its fans out of those places in the event of an emergency.

Recognizing the adventurous spirit of its drivers, Land Rover in the United Arab Emirates has implemented a fail-safe for the unforeseen: a survival guide. Working with Y&R Dubai, the brand has developed a one-stop resource for how to make it through harsh desert climates without being eaten by animals or poisoned. What’s more, if things get really grim, the book itself can be eaten.

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Y&R Dubai made the short book out of edible ink and paper with a nutritional value (according to the agency) close to that of a cheeseburger, even if it doesn’t taste very much like a cheeseburger. Before resorting to a paper meal, though, stranded explorers are instructed to remove the metal spiral the book is bound with, and use it to cook some of the animals the guide has also warned are in the area. Even the cover of the book has a utility, made with a reflective packaging that can be used to signal for help.

The guidebook is being made available for free in select sport shops. While there is no information available on what it actually tastes like, one hopes the average SUV owner never has to find out.

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