• 05.03.12

Urban Plant Tags Demonstrate Care Instructions For Your Stop Sign, Mailbox

Carmichael Lynch’s newest project gives you everything you need to know about keeping lampposts in full bloom and how to properly feed mailboxes.

Go to any nursery and you can’t miss them: those little plastic labels jutting from the soil of any potted plant giving you the rundown of its sunlight and water needs. Take those same white labels, make them jumbo size, swap out flower and plant details with fixtures of an urban landscape, and you have Carmichael Lynch’s latest art project.


Here, the agency has turned those ubiquitous labels into “Urban Plant Tags,” taking sidewalk staples such as stop signs, fire hydrants, street lamps, and mailboxes, and providing amusingly snarky instructions to keep such everyday objects looking their best. For example: Parking signs should always be placed where parking is most convenient, and benches require the application of real estate ads on an annual basis.

The unusual installations come from the Minneapolis-based agency’s Carmichael Collective arm, through which the shop pursues self-driven and art-oriented projects. The collective’s past work has included the oddly poignant Bug Memorials.

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