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The Weather Channel Gets Personal, With You And Celebrities

The Weather Channel marks its 30th anniversary with an upgraded site offering more personalization and a new campaign involving celebrity impersonators on Twitter, and the word of God.

The Weather Channel Gets Personal, With You And Celebrities

Today’s forecast calls for a predictive weather service tailored to your exact specifications.

In a campaign created by agency BBH New York, The Weather Channel has renovated its website to create a more personalized experience. Weather.com, which receives more than a billion page views each month, now offers more customization and localized content, as well as integration with social media.

After logging onto the site through Facebook, or providing your info on the site, The Weather Channel’s logo changes to reflect the user’s name in the title. From there you can play around with your very own weather monitoring system, creating up to five personal tabs for regular weather updates in various locations/seasonal conditions.

In order to capture the spirit of having so much personalized weather at the ready, a new ad for weather.com features some updates from the world’s original weatherman, God. The spot finds Noah toiling away on a hill until the voice of God breaks the heavens… to give Noah the extended forecast. (It’s 40 days and 40 nights of rain, natch.) It may be rather bold to suggest that one’s product has the efficiency of God, but confidence is key.

Supplementing the ads is a social media campaign, which aims to make it rain with celebrity retweets. The Weather Channel has recorded personalized weather forecasts for 20 celebrities , with meteorologists dressed like each celebrity’s twitter photo. The forecasts are being tweeted out May 2, to coincide with the release of the new ad.

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