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Tallywag Keeps A Running Tab Of (Even The Most Mundane) Data On The Go

A new app from Toronto-based agency, The Blimp Factory, allows users to keep running tallies on anything, and share strange trivia with the world.

Tallywag Keeps A Running Tab Of (Even The Most Mundane) Data On The Go
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Personal data tracking is a growth industry. Ever since Nicholas Felton created art from his comings and goings with the Feltron Annual Reports, cataloging the minutiae of your life has become part of more and more people’s daily routines.

Tallywag, as its name hints, emphasizes the tallying component of data visualization, allowing users to keep count of any daily phenomenon.

Created by Toronto-based agency, The Blimp Factory, Tallywag is a new app that helps users collect observational information from their day-to-day lives, which they may potentially use to settle unusual bets with their friends. Do you want to know how many more red cars by a certain highway than other colors, like the woman in the above video who, it might be said, has too few hobbies? Stand on the street for as long as you please, and click a notch each time. Want to keep track of how many times the same commercial airs during an episode of American Idol? The power is in your hands.

Tallywag labels and stores multiple running tallies that users can keep simultaneously. Also, the app has social media functionality, which allows you to share your findings with the world. Sure, anybody can find out what year Scrooged was released, but only you will know how often it airs on TBS during the weekend.

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