• 05.01.12

An App To Match Your Music With Your Menu

Dairy brand Lurpak partners with music service to create FoodBeats app, which provides music recommendations that suit your menu.

Who among us does not have an iPod dock or its equivalent set up in the kitchen? There’s just something about the experience of cooking food that goes hand in hand with listening to music, and ditto for eating it. Picking out the right music isn’t always easy, though. Fortunately, just as certain websites offer wines that pair well with meals, there’s a new web app that recommends playlists to accompany certain recipes.


The aptly named FoodBeats was created by U.K.-based agency Outside Line for the dairy brand, Lurpak. The new app brings music and food together by pairing the customized tune selection of with the musical flavor of whatever kind of food is being prepared, to give cooking-inclined listeners a feast for the ears. [Note: Users have to be based in the U.K. or Ireland in order to use the app, due to licensing restrictions.]

All users have to do is hit the “Connect to” button, and tell FoodBeats what they plan on cooking. The resulting music will be tailored both to the preparation time involved in the meal and the regional music from wherever the dish is most popular. If the app doesn’t recognize the dish entered, it will ask flat-out for a geography-based cuisine instead, such as British, Mexican, or Italian food (Although probably more of the second two–no offense, Brits.)

Among butter brands, Lurpak stands out as quite the creative force, having backed marketing efforts ranging from a baking club to ads featuring the vocal stylings of Rutger Hauer. See the latter below.

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