“Dark Knight Rises” Digital Campaign Takes Flight

It must be tough following up the highest grossing movie of all time that wasn’t directed by James Cameron. In just a couple of months, though, the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga will fly into theatres. We may have already seen posters and trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, but today marks the opening salvo of the film’s digital push.

A new tie-in website went live this week, giving users a peek into the “anonymous vigilante investigation” that’s ostensibly giving the authorities in Gotham City some sleepless nights.

Inside the case file is an extensive police report on “John Doe AKA The Batman,” with authentic-looking intel that sets the scene for the movie by illustrating the events that lead up to it. More importantly, though, the website launches users on an ARG-like investigation of their own.

On the third page of the police report, officers are warned to report any information, including “photographic evidence of graffiti” to an email address: The file then goes on to list several pages’ worth of specific locations (7 Times Square, New York, NY 10036, etc.) that have been known to have had previous Batman sightings. Each graffiti image sent to that email address unlocks another frame on this secondary site, which will slowly come to reveal the final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

And here’s an update: The trailer has been “uncovered.” Watch it below.