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What To Do If Your Office Spotify Playlist Sucks

Agency Republic invents a workaround for the pesky task of finding a communal playlist everyone can agree on: a touch-sensitive poster for changing tracks.

What To Do If Your Office Spotify Playlist Sucks

A musical workplace often translates to happy and productive workers, but it’s practically impossible to find true crowdpleasing tunes. One person’s Adele is another person’s Ying Yang Twins, and so a musical office only works if everyone has a say in what’s playing. Since vocally requesting a song change is laborious and risks delicate workplace relationships, a creative at Agency Republic made a solution that puts semi-anonymous veto power in everyone’s hands.

The Change the Tune poster is a touch-sensitive jukebox that hangs on a wall and can change songs on Spotify playlists via projectile. It’s built with a kick sensor, lots of wire, arduino, and a USB that leads to a Spotify hookup. As the video above demonstrates, now when somebody’s favorite wonky guitar solo is driving others mad, they can simply retaliate by whipping a wad of paper or other preferred item at the wall and keep it moving. It’s desktop democracy in action; just don’t get caught banging the gong on your boss’ jam.

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