Ikea’s Big Product Play And The F*ck-It List: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Ikea makes TV furniture, a mobile app for sick kids, the last gasp of youth and more.

Ikea’s Big Product Play And The F*ck-It List: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Once again, we run down the 5 best creative ideas and executions from the wide world of brands. From apps to Twitter feeds and content of every kind–it’s all brand creativity and it’s all up for citation. Here, this week’s top 5.


5. TEDxSummit “The Power of X”
From the eye candy department comes this intro video/human arabesque for the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar. The video, from Amsterdam-based agency WE ARE Pi, art collective Koerner Union, and Paris’ BIG Productions, was shot in a day, and the look was achieved completely in-camera. Click to see the making-of video.

4. Sauza Tequila “Make It With A Fireman”
What? It’s a good recipe.

3. The Fuck-It List
What do you do when you’re about to cross the line (as defined by an advertising festival) between “young” and “not young?” You make sure that you do all the stuff that’s funny and memory-making when you’re young and sort of sad or perverted when you’re old. Toronto ad creative Daniel Bonder created a list of such things, dubbed “The Fuck-It List,” which did double duty as a carpe diem tool and a self-promotional vehicle. Bonder created the video as an application to the Cannes Ad Festival’s Young Lions Academy, which accepts only those 29 and under. Cannes not only accepted him into the program, organizers asked his permission to use “The Fuck-It List” as a promotional piece on the Cannes Lions website.
It’s an entertaining example of resume as ad, and there’s just something very sweet and Canadian about Bonder’s list and the way he goes about ticking the items off.


2. SickKids Hospital “Pain Squad” Mobile App
Toronto agency Cundari answered a brief from a leading pediatric medical facility, The Hospital for Sick Children, to streamline the process by which kids underdoing chemo track their pain. Not a fun assigment. But the agency created something that would provide doctors the needed data while making the process accessible and even involving for kids. The Pain Squad Mobile App made a touch-screen-enabled game out of the chore of filing in pain journals. Participating kids are enlisted as part of a special force called the Pain Squad, and twice a day receive a dispatch from “headquarters,” informing them it’s time to file a report. The more consecutive reports the kids fills out, the higher they ascends in squad rank. With each promotion, kids receive words of encouragement from cast members from Canadian police dramas, Flashpoint and Rookie Blue.

1. Ikea Uppleva
Our number one pick isn’t an ad in the traditional sense. But in an ideal world, product, service, advertising, stores–they’re all marketing, they’re all part of the brand experience. Ikea has long embodied that ethic–it has a history of creative ideas that bubble up from the core brand identity and manifest themselves as cookbooks, apps, sleepovers, the smallest store in the world, neighborhoods and now, a line of electronics-as-furniture. Last week, the company announced Uppleva, a TV/sound system furniture hybrid (you can read more about it on our sibling site, Co.Design). It’s a big, risky idea–here at Co.Create, we’re a little skeptical about how many people are going to want to commit to marrying their TV and furniture. But it’s an inspiring (and publicity-generating) leap, one that’s fully in line with the Ikea aesthetic and brand M.O. while also causing consumers to see the brand in a new light.

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Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Co.Create. She was previously the editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity, covering all things creative in the brand world.