• 04.26.12

Dos Equis Dishes Up Bird Gizzard Tacos To The Interesting

The premium Mexican beer is celebrating the 150th Cinco de Mayo by once again sending taco trucks to U.S. cities. These are not ordinary tacos, though.

Dos Equis Dishes Up Bird Gizzard Tacos To The Interesting
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“I’ll have the pig ear taco, please.”


If you live in one of the six cities Dos Equis is cruising with taco trucks to within the next 10 days, you may be one of the adventurous diners making such an order.

Last year, the beer brand of The Most Interesting Man In The World celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a Feast of the Brave, bringing chef Domingo Garza’s delicacies such as veal brains out to the daring souls of Manhattan in a roving taco truck. This year, to commemorate the 150th Cinco de Mayo celebration, Dos Equis is taking the show on the road, linking up with top chefs in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, L.A., and Miami to serve up a cross-country taste bud triathlon.

In each city, local chefs will be dreaming up and dishing out free original tacos with ingredients that honor the tradition started by last year’s “veal brains”-graced menu. Between the chicken gizzard, iguana, and hog stomach awaiting them, would-be diners are just lucky that they’re in good hands. Among the chefs and cities participating are Austin’s Andrew Brooks from One Taco Austin, Chicago’s Salvador Alcazar from Taquero Fusion, and Miami’s Jack Garabedian from Jefe’s Original.

Each taco comes with “bravery points,” adding a competitive element to the feast. The trucks set out April 25, so by the 5th of May, we will know which city has the boldest palette. The curious can find out where and when the trucks will be nearby on Dos Equis’ Facebook page, which shares the local map, schedule, and menu for each city, as well as an updated leaderboard of “bravery points” to show which of the participating cities has fewer cowards. It’s your chance to prove that you’re not chicken by not eating chicken.

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