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The One Show Asks, “Would You Kill For A Pencil?”

The One Show Awards honoring the best ad work are fast approaching. Release the stress (or piddle away a couple of minutes) with “Kill for a Pencil,” the 8-bit tablet, mobile, and desktop game you’ve been dying to play.

The One Show Asks, “Would You Kill For A Pencil?”

It’s a simple question, really: “Would you kill for a pencil?” You wouldn’t? Oh, well you should probably know it isn’t some No. 2 B.S. or even one of those fancy mechanical doohickies–this is the highly coveted One Show Pencil we’re talking about here. Ah! You can taste the bloodlust now, can’t you?

To get the industry buzzing about the 37th annual One Show Awards taking place during Creative Week in May, agency Mullen collaborated with The One Club to create “Kill for a Pencil,” an 8-bit, HTML 5 Canvas arcade game starring a poor man’s grab bag of advertising icons. You control John Scraper through Madville as he does battle with the likes of “Battery Bunny,” “Tire Man,” and “Captain Buzz” to claim the golden pencil–or silver, bronze, or green depending on your slaying prowess. By the way, green = completing the game without causing harm to anyone, aka the not-so-coveted L7 Weenie Award. Of course the real golden pencils will be handed out during The One Show Club’s three ceremonies: One Show, One Show Design, and One Show Interactive the week of May 7.

May the odds be in your favor.

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