• 10.04.12

A Device To Call Your Mom When You Crash Your Bike

While you’re swerving through city traffic on your bike, do you ever stop to think what you would do the minute after you suddenly faceplant? Now you don’t have to, because this app will make your emergency calls for you.

If your love of adventure sports, your owning of a motorcycle, or your job as a New York City bike messenger triggers pangs of concern in your loved ones’ hearts, consider taking a new precautionary measure that is as simple as it is effective.


The ICEdot Crash Sensor is a sticker that outfits any helmet with an added layer of safety, whether you’re biking, riding a motorcycle, rock climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding, or partaking in any other activity that requires protecting your head. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the sticker sends information about the crash to an app on your smartphone which then notifies your emergency contacts and provides them with your GPS coordinates. As soon as the impact occurs, your phone will begin a 30-second countdown before activating the emergency response system. This is meant to avoid inadvertent activation (so if you accidentally drop your helmet on the floor, your phone won’t immediately call 911 or, worse, your mom).

ICEdot (ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”) is an emergency identification and notification service which has already from the EMS community. The company’s new sticker device was shown at the Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas this past weekend. The crash sensor and app are expected to come out next year and will likely cost around $200. A small price to pay for your parents’ peace of mind.