• 04.24.12

What Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Says About Who Is A “Creative” Today

Adobe’s new software-as-a-service initiative is aimed at a changing workplace where visual storytelling is no longer the sole purview of “professionals.”

Monday’s launch of Adobe’s new Creative Cloud as part of its Creative Suite 6 announcement wasn’t just about a software company retooling itself for a world where software is a provided as a service, delivered from the ether. It also reflected, company executives said at an event in San Francisco, a belief that there are whole new segments of potential users who are doing creative work today who might not have done it in the past.


No longer is it just the “professionals” who want to use Adobe’s tools–and who would be willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a suite of powerful software applications. Increasingly, said Senior Vice President David Wadhwani, people in other job functions also want to take a stab at sketching out ideas and representing them visually. A monthly subscription model, like the new $49.99 one Adobe is charging for its Creative Cloud, is more attractive to those segments—and, of course, helps bring them into the Adobe fold.

Here’s specifically what Wadhwani said at Adobe’s launch event on Monday:

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