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Honest Tea Recycles Your Old Facebook Posts to Promote Recycling

In support of Earth Month, Honest Tea invites Facebook fans to sign a pledge to recycle, starting with an app that recycles your popular Facebook posts.

Honest Tea Recycles Your Old Facebook Posts to Promote Recycling

If you experience deja vu while exploring Facebook over the next few days, it’s not (only) because you’re going crazy. There’s a very good reason why some posts you may have seen before will soon start reappearing.

In support of Earth Month, Honest Tea teamed up with New York-based agency Amalgamated to come up with a clever way to promote recycling through social media. The initiative resulted in a Facebook app called The Great Recycle, which recycles users’ most popular posts (and offers a small reward) once they make a pledge to recycle more.

The Great Recycle app uses the Facebook API to analyze users’ timelines and cull old posts that received lots of likes and comments. After you choose a favorite old post to recycle, the app reposts it to your timeline with a branded message promoting recycling. As a reward for their pledge, users also receive 10 points in credit at Recyclebank, an organization that rewards individuals for recycling with prizes redeemable from sponsors like Kashi and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Great Recycle is part of a larger series of initiatives Honest Tea is undertaking to support recycling nationwide.

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