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Ford Turns Parking Problems Into Pinball In Paris

A difficult parking spot is abused all day by Parisian drivers who clearly are not yet familiar with Ford’s Active Park Assist feature.

Ford Turns Parking Problems Into Pinball In Paris
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Parking in a big city is never a breeze, but drivers in Paris are especially cavalier in their efforts to fit into any available space. Ford takes advantage of this unfortunate habit in a new ad highlighting the company’s Park Assist Feature.

Using an outdoor, participatory approach once again, creative agency Ogilvy Paris turned the quest for a parking spot into a life-size game of pinball. Just above two cars that are spaced far enough apart to barely accommodate another car between them, stands a giant pinball leaderboard. It turns out the two parked cars are rigged with sensors that go off any time they’re hit at all. You can see where this is going.

After a series of poor drivers attempt to park in the space, dinging the cars on either side mercilessly, one driver is particularly bad, scoring a “monster” hit on the impact scale (which runs from “clumsy” to “cruel” to “savage” to “brutal”.) Crowned the worst driver of the day, this last man is given an “extra ball” in the form of a chance to try to get in the spot with a shiny new Ford Focus, using its Active Park Assist feature. Game over.

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