• 04.19.12

iRobot Asks, “Do You Robot?” Hosts YouTube Dance Contest

Based on the relationship between man and machine, Roomba manufacturer iRobot is rolling out a dance contest where YouTubers do The Robot.

iRobot Asks, “Do You Robot?” Hosts YouTube Dance Contest
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Roombas were designed for cleaning, but they also keep people company, play with their pets, and occasionally serve in a DJ capacity. This week, however, Roombas are serving as inspiration for a new campaign that further elevates retro dance move The Robot.


In the nearly 10 years since the self-navigating robot cleaning device hit the market, Roomba manufacturer iRobot has sold over 7.5 million units worldwide. In order to celebrate these Roomba owners (and also encourage prospective new ones), iRobot and agency Mullen have set up a YouTube page dedicated to the campaign tagline, “iRobot. Do you?” Here users are encouraged to submit videos of themselves doing their very best Robot as part of a contest.

“Through research and observation, we discovered that the Roomba isn’t just another appliance in the home. Owners name them, talk to them, they become like a pet or member of the family,” says Brian Tierney, Group Creative Director at Mullen. “There’s a fun, playful, liberating effect when the Roomba is doing the work for you. We brought it to life, appropriately, with a nod to robot dancing.”

The branded Youtube page features dance videos starring ultra-lithe pop-locker Marquese Scott, who demonstrates the elegantly mechanical dance move, throwing down the gauntlet for all comers in the Dance Robolution contest. (Winners will receive Roombas, naturally.)

“With ‘iRobot. Do you?’ we chose to turn our company name into a statement of something you do,” says Karen Jasmin, Marketing Director, iRobot. “We’re highlighting how a robot becomes part of your lifestyle when you own one.”

The campaign includes TV spots on national cable, online advertising, print magazines, and it has already garnered the support of your uncle who sometimes has one too many and does The Robot at informal family gatherings.

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