Watch This Healthy Candy Be Endorsed By A Ton Of Attractive Stars

Candy is not good for you, that’s a given. But could candy perhaps be less bad for you. Instead of writing off delicious sugary treats, Unreal is attempting to make them better by removing all the gross artificial ingredients and replacing them with organic alternatives. Is eating a lot of organic chocolate a good idea? No. But it’s better than eating a lot of preservatives.

Since the candy market is pretty well controlled by the behemoths who make the peanut-butter cups and chocolate bars we all know and love, Unreal really needed to make a splash to get people to gravitate toward their candy instead of the usual suspects, and so they enlisted Casey Neistat, web video maker extraordinaire (see this video on bike lanes and this ad for Nike).

Somehow, Neistat and Unreal managed to corral power couple Tom Brady and Gisele to talk about how much they liked the candy (Gisele is, unsurprisingly, not pictured eating any candy). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Matt Damon–credited as Jason Bourne–talks about the evils of mass food production. John Legend shows up, too. As does Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, who endorses Unreal’s model as the kind of innovation he loves. And the man knows innovation.

We’ll be bringing you more hard news from Unreal–about how their model works and what their future plans are–in the future. But for now, revel in a little star power for health (or, less unhealth, at least).MC