• 04.19.12

Make Lego Movies The Easy Way With The New Movie Maker App

A new app for Lego allows users to create stop-motion movies with DC superhero characters, edit them, and share them–all on an iPhone.

Make Lego Movies The Easy Way With The New Movie Maker App
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There are few things the Internet likes better than a Lego-based video. This has not gone unnoticed by the people at Lego, who have just released an app that lets users of all ages create mini movies based on the toy.


San Francisco-based agency Pereira & O’Dell worked with Lego to launch the DC Super Hero Movie Maker app, which is now available on iTunes. The app helps kids (and adult nerds) pretend to be Tim Burton and create stop-motion superhero movies on their iPhones.

“We wanted to create an unique experience that helps bridge the gap between the digital world and the physical world of Lego,” says Pereira & O’Dell account supervisor Izzy Weberbauer.

The agency worked closely with the Lego Super Heroes brand team to develop the concept and design of the app and brought in Portland mobile development and design studio Uncorked to bring the idea to life.

The app turns your phone into a functional edit bay, where you can trim down scenes starring DC Universe Super Heroes, and add title cards and music. The odds are you’ll do a better job of it than Joel Schumacher did with Batman & Robin. And since you won’t be ashamed of the finished product, you can use the app’s easy sharing functionality to show it off.

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