Ad Creatives Work Toward A “No-Kill Los Angeles”

A coalition led by advertising creatives is working to save the lives of L.A.’s homeless animals.

Ad legend Lee Clow, the creative head of TBWA’s Media Arts Lab (and a known dog lover), is among the creatives at the forefront of No-Kill Los Angeles, which aims to drastically lower the number of animals euthanized in Los Angeles, and to make L.A. a no-kill city by 2017. This week, the organization headed by Omnicom’s Let There Be Dragons and the Best Friends Animal Society is rolling out an extensive campaign to help spread awareness for the cause.

The print effort uses bold, black-and-white imagery of dogs and cats to draw attention to a grim statistic–there are an estimated 17,000 adoptable animals killed in Los Angeles shelters each year. These portraits carry the memorable “NKLA” slogan next to the logo of Best Friends Animal Society, and they’re beginning to spring up around Los Angeles.

In addition to the outdoor ads, Let There Be Dragons (a content innovation unit of Omnicom) also created two videos depicting the importance of neutering and adoption. In one, a young L.A. resident talks about an unseen “badass” called Makaveli, who, of course, turns out to be a gorgeous adopted dog.

Watch the NKLA Manifesto below and click through the slide show above to see the print and outdoor ads (and some memorable faces).