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Mitsubishi Covers Your Shift While You Take an Extended Test Drive

For the company’s “Temp Drive” promotion, Mitsubishi is sending temps out to fill in for workers who might need a bit more time with a car before deciding.

Mitsubishi Covers Your Shift While You Take an Extended Test Drive
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The typical around-the-block test drive that most dealerships offer is definitely not the most comprehensive way to decide if a car feels right. Mitsubishi may have found a temporary solution to this problem, though.

The car company has teamed with creative agency 180LA to develop the new “Temp Drive” promotion, which will allow a few potential buyers to take a day off from work and go for one of the more thorough test drives imaginable in the 2012 Outlander Sport. Anyone angling to pull a Ferris Bueller need only visit the Temp Drive website and apply for a temp to replace them at their job for one day.

Don’t worry, though, because your job will be in very capable hands throughout the day. The replacement workers lined up include an opera singer, a magician, a DJ, a librarian, a meteorologist, and a rocket scientist–any of which should be able to fill in for you, no problem, whatever your job may be.

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